4 Beers, Great Price

4 Beers, Great Price

If you enjoy tasty Amber Ale, Hefeweizen or Lager but not the six-pack price of $7 – $9, I’ve discovered a super premium beer for $4.50 a six-pack.

My taste in beer seems to fall into three categories- 1).  A Light Beer to quench my thirst, 2).  A Corona with Lime when I’m thinking tropical beach without the plane tickets, and 3).  A rich Ale or Hefeweizen when I’m in the mood for real taste.  Last week, while in Costco, I came across a box of 24 mixed Handcrafted Beer under the Kirkland Signature label.  The 24 bottle box contains 6 bottles of 4 different beers- Hefeweizens, Amber Ale, German Style Lager and Pale Ale.  Knowing that Costco puts quality into their products, and the price was only $17.99, I took a box home.

 Kirkland 24 bottle box

 I don’t consider myself a beer aficionado but overall I’d rate the Kirkland beers equal or superior to the likes of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Pyramid Hefeweizen, or Newcastle Ale, most of which sell for somewhere north of $7 per six pack.  In comparison the Kirkland offering of 24 bottles for $17.99 is a “Recommended Best Buy.”  Get Some!

Would enjoy your feedback on the beer.


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