Dog Rides Motorcycle

This zoomed-in photo (actually highly cropped) was snapped out my car window yesterday in Dana Point on my way to an outdoor concert at Heritage Park.  I was traveling south in the left lane keeping up with traffic when I was passed by a motorcyclist and his companion riding a BMW bike in the carpool lane. 

That’s a dog riding in the front of the motorcycle.  When they first approached me from behind the guy wasn’t visible.  What I could see was the dog wearing goggles & helmet with a mouth wide open smile.  It literally looked like the dog was driving.  If this guy ever had to make a sudden swerve or stop his dog would go flying. 


Can’t be certain but for a second it did appear the dog may have been texting while driving 85 mph without a Driver License.  At least he was wearing a helmet!


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One response to “DOG RIDES MOTORCYCLE 85 MPH !

  1. Dogfather

    The Dog “Opee” has a AMA card and races on motocross dirt bikes and flat track. He raced on the front of a Honda CR450X in the the 2006 Baja 500. Finishing on time with 10 minutes 24 seconds to spare. 17 hours 49 minutes 36 seconds. We beet over 250 people. ( Malcolm Smith my Idol told me that Opee and I were the craziest motorcycle riders he has ever met) In 18 plus races coast to coast and even Mexico the dog has never been hurt. We wear the best protective gear and ride at our limit. Opee is sponsored by over 100 top motorcycle companies. The helmet in the photo is a custom helmet made by ” Michael Roberts” of Troy Lee Designs. Normal Oakley goggles and a RXR inflatable chest protector. Wow 85 all I say about that was Opee must have hit the cruise control on our new BMW. It felt like 55. We must be on the rite track though. We purchased the bike to go to the salt flats. Opee and I would like to get a world record land speed record. We just got the bike the day of the photo and we were going on a little break in ride up the coast. It’s not all fun and games though. Opee and I spend our spare time going to visit the kids at some of the children ‘s hospitals to say hi. We just got a KZ1000 Police bike with a sidecar that Young Guns Audio in Temecula is fabing up a system to lift kids from there wheel chair into the sidecar so Opee and I can take some of the kids for rides around the parking lot of the hospitals. Also just so everyone knows Opee jumps up on the bike himself. If he does not want to ride he doesn’t. He is attached with a special pull a way leash when we ride on the street. Hope you like the dog and what we do. I know we put over 10,000 smiles on peoples faces every day we go ride.

    Opee is my best friend and if you have to ask why, you just wouldn’t get it.

    Our email is if you have a handicap child that Opee and I could help bring a smile to. Send us a email. Thanks Mike Schelin ( The Dogfather )

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