Meridian Kirkland Napa Valley

Costco is the largest wine retailer in the United States* and at times markets wine and other alcoholic beverages under the Kirkland label.  The Kirkland Vodka compares favorably with Grey Goose and some of the Kirkland custom Hefeweizens, Amber Ale, German Style Lager and Pale Ale are premium beers offered a popular prices.

Last week I picked up a bottle of Kirkland Napa Valley Chardonnay for $7.99 to compare it to my old standby Meridian that is sold in a two-pack for $11.  The Kirkland Chard had signage suggesting hints of apples, citrus, pears, vanilla and more.  Frankly I can’t often taste the hints of whatever the experts have to say about leather, straw, apples, etc., but I know what I like.   This tasting panel of one found the $5.50 Meridian won by a landslide.  More open, more fruit, better balanced compared to the somewhat closed taste of the $ 7.99 Kirkland.



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