Labor Day Weekend Forecast: ENDLESS SUMMER


Now if the waves were just a bit bigger.

Grab your sunscreen and check out the beach.  Ocean temperatures have reached 77 degrees on Thursday and Friday and today, Saturday, September 05, it reached 78 degrees.  Seventy eight degrees was reached earlier in July and is about as warm as our Southern California ocean ever gets.  Stepping into the surf takes no getting used to.  Just as though you were in Mexico.

Endless Summer in OC

Recommendation:  If you’d like to enjoy our tropical water I’d suggest you head for the beach sooner than later.  The weather is expected  to begin cooling a bit on Sunday with further cooling expected during the week.  Our hot weather has contributed to our warm waters and it won’t last forever.

Weekend Options include:

Saturday, Sept 5

Tannins, 27211 Ortega Hwy # C, SJC, Tijuana Dogs

Salt Creek, Dana Point, Family Style

San Clemente Golf Course, Vertikals

Mission San Juan, Fab Four Beatles Tribute

San Clemente Beach Sept 5, 2009

San Clemente Beach, Sat. 9-5-09 Seventy Eight Degree Ocean Temp

 San Clemente Ocean Temperature 9-5-09


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