THE DARK SEASON November through February

The Dark Period, Nov - Feb


Spring signals warmth of the sun, long days, summer activities and 8 pm sunsets over cocktails at Fisherman’s Pier.  Fall signals cold and darkness.


My early years in chilly NJ and Arctic-like Chicago bring back memories of scraping ice, shoveling snow and hunkering down indoors until spring.  I look forward to getting through our four months of S. CA darkness, November through February, until our days begin getting longer and summer beckons.

Curiosity prompted me to look up our daylight in Southern California.

  Sunrise Sunset Hrs Daylight
Today 6:07 AM 4:57 PM 10 hrs 51 min
Dec 20 6:47 AM 4:46 PM   9 hrs 59 min
June 20 5:41 AM 8:00 PM 14 hrs 18 min

Interestingly, further north gets less winter daylight but more summer daylight.  For instance, today Seattle has only 9 hours 57 minutes of daylight today compared to our 10 hours 51 minutes.  But in June Seattle experience 15 hours 59 minutes of sunlight compared to our 14 hours 18 minutes.

Today the Air/Ocean temperature is 69.r/61.  Just two months ago the ocean was 76 degrees.  No snow in sight!

San Clemente Nov 1 2009

San Clemente Nov 01- 2009


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