Bengels & Jets QB’s from Mission Viejo and USC

Mark Sanchez and Carson Palmer

Today’s AFC Wildcard game in Cincinnati features quarterbacks Carson Palmer of the Bengals and rookie Mark Sanchez of the NY Jets.   Coincidently both quarterbacks grew up in Mission Viejo and both played for USC.

Unfortunately for both teams I predict it will be Philip Rivers leading the the mighty San Diego Chargers to who will emerge victorious to capture the AFC title and play in the Super Bowl. 

I’ve been following the Chargers for years and this fall they are playing better than any time in the past decade.  The defense is clicking, the offensive line is great, the receivers/tight end  are the best in the NFL, the ground game is better than it’s been in several years and Philip Rivers is on top of his game.  Rivers in particular is in a class with Peyton Manning, Drew Breese and Tom Brady with an ability to accurately use the long pass to hit Jackson, Floyd, Gates, and Nanee in addition to Sproles & Tomlinson.   Expect the Chargers to win Super Bowl XLIV. 


Jets over Bengels

A tough call but Cowboys over Eagles

Packers over Cardnals

Ravens-Patriots a tossup but as much as I like Brady, they are without Welker.  Going with the Ravens.


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