Breakthrough Movie Experience


Avatar 2009


Throughout cinema history a select few movies have delivered an unquestioned breakthrough experience that absolutely leapfrogged anything before it.  George Lucas did it with Star Wars in 1977, Stanley Kubrick did it in 1965 with 2001 Space Odyssey, and perhaps Gone With The Wind and King Kong were such movies in 1939 and 1933.


You could probably fill in your personal short list of movies that delivered a new level of action, emotional intensity or technical impact that knocked your proverbial socks off. 

In addition Star Wars and 2001 Space Odyssey my list would include Apocalypse NowTaxi DriverDeer Hunter, Terminator and T2Matrix, On the Waterfront, and Cameron’s Titanic in 1997.


AVATAR–  I just finished watching James Cameron’s Avatar in IMAX 3D at the Irvine Spectrum.  The movie’s spectacular technical impact clearly leapfrogged anything I’ve ever seen.  I’m a techno/action junkie and Avatar surprised me with its amazing blend of creativity and technology.  It’s like nothing else you’ve ever experienced.



Avatar’s storyline is a unique blend of sci-fi, action, love story, with a political theme.  You may like it (I did) or you may not.  But don’t miss the opportunity to experience what $500 million can do to deliver a breakthrough experience. 

Aren’t breakthrough experiences what life is all about?



See it, it’s really cool! 


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