LT: “I’m not coming back”


LaDanian Tomlinson, the great running back for the San Diego Chargers, has played his last game.  LT, as he is known, rushed for 12,490 yards, the most in the NFL over the last decade.

In his prime #21 was one of the most exciting running backs of all time.  His speed, ability to make sudden shifts in direction and an uncanny talent to squeeze through the smallest opening made him the leader of the Charger’s offense and the league MVP in 2006

Tomlinson, who gave back to his community is one of the genuine nice guys in pro football. 

The photo above displays Charger’s previous QB, Drew Breese, handing off the football to LT in 2004.  Brees, the current QB for the New Orleans Saints will be facing off against Peyton Manning this weekend in Super Bowl 44.

Tom- Fan of #21, Fall 2009

The Charger’s management should never have traded Quarterback Drew Brees or fired Coach Marty Schottenheimer.  The current coach, Norv Turner lacks the emotional leadership to get the talent laden Chargers to a Super Bowl.

As can be seen from the photo to the left, I’ve been a fan of LaDanian Tomlinson, #21.


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