Ten miles over may be a victim of the economy


Our current recession may be causing drivers to loose the 5-10 mph “over the limit” courtesy cushion often allowed by traffic cops.  As many cities and states seek additional ways to cover tax shortfalls they are not overlooking the opportunity to generate revenue from issuing more speeding tickets.


The ratio of warnings to tickets is down which means less warnings and more tickets according to James Baxter, President of the National Motorists Association.  And a Federal Reserve study reveals that a 10% drop in government revenue is followed by a 6.4% increase in traffic tickets.

Sheriff radar guns seem to be everywhere in South Orange County so I typically monitor my “around town” maximum speed to within 10 mph of the posted limit.  This gives me up to 50 mph in 40 mph zones and 55 mph in 45 mph zones.  This may be a good time to rethink the cushion and possibly ratchet that number back to a 5-over maximum. 


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