Rock & Roll at 3:42 PM

One of the largest shakers I’ve experienced in a number of years just rocked my house.  I ran outside (in case the place collapsed) and could feel the ground continuing to shake under my feet for what seemed to be almost a minute.  Cars in the street were rocking back and forth. 

Evidently it was centered somewhere south of Tijuana, Mexico and was felt throughout San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles counties and as far away as Scottsdale, AZ. 

Local reports read 6.9 and Mexico is reporting it as a 7.3 quake.  A following quake at 4:09 pm is reported as a 4.3.  Reports are indicating several separate quakes have occurred from Mexico through Southern California. 

Hope this doesn’t have anything directly to do with Obama’s economic policies What do you think??

Happy Easter!


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