Owens & McNabb Fued Over?

Donovan McNabb & Terrell Owens


Football fans may remember the feuding that went on in 2004-05 between WR Terrell Owens and QB Donovan NcNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Owens was unrelenting in his verbal insults and assaults aimed at his teammate McNabb that caused chaos within the organization and ultimately resulted in T.O. being let go.

T.O.’s self centered rants wreaked havoc among teammates almost everywhere he played resulting in him being let go despite his extraordinary talent.  San Francisco let him go in 2003, Philadelphia in 2005, Dallas in 2008, and Buffalo in 2009, although he did not cause problems with the Bills.


Rumor has it that Owens, now a free agent at age 36, reportedly wants to reunite with his old teammate McNabb who was recently picked by the Washington Redskins.

It will be interesting to see if Mike Shanahan, Washington’s new coach, who was fired last December after 16 years with the Denver Broncos, will bring back the McNabb-Owens combo.


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