Next Monday, May 24, Fox will air the final two-hour count down to the last episode of what many consider to be the most viscerally exciting TV action/adventure drama ever, 24.

Each episode began with a short count down followed by launching the audience immediately  into the action.  The intensity of the show often made one feel the need for a seat belt on the sofa as the show took viewers on a roller coaster ride of action twists and turns.

The series, which redefined intense action, has upped the adrenaline level over the past few weeks as it approached the upcoming final episode after a run of eight seasons.

“The overall theme of the show, was reflected in Bauer’s character, which was how far can one go fighting evil without becoming evil?” says co-creator Robert Cochran.  Kiefer Sutherland, who played the lead character of Jack Bauer, felt differently: “A sense of accomplishment, but it was mixed with a real sense of sadness” at the end of the main chapter of his defining role.

Other than football, 24 has been the only TV show I’ve been hooked on.  I’ll miss the show.


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