Two of my favorite keepsakes

I have my share of family keepsakes stashed away in a box along with photos, slides and videos.  But two of my favorite keepsakes are in my life every day.

When my daughter Lea was about six years old she put a cartoon sticker and a “daddy” nametag sticker into my Day Timer.  That must have been around fourteen years ago and the stickers are still in the Day Timer and are with me every day.

My other favorite item is a paperweight painted blue with glued on hair and two eyes that was given as a gift from my son Mark that he made in school.  By the design I’m guessing the vintage to be kindergarten so he must have been around five years old.  That would have been seventeen years ago.

Since receiving these keepsakes many things, friends, cars, jobs, and experiences have come and gone through my life.  But the damn stickers and paperweight are still with me.  And I just love ‘em!


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