Had great results with this computer repair service and want to share it:

Dan Miles, Professional Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Laguna Niguel

Phone: (949) 525-5118

This guy operates out of his home and fixes any computer problem for $50

After my HP laptop crashed I checked with Compuboost, that has fixed my computers for over ten years, as well as the Geek Squad.  Both wanted considerably north of $200 to replace the hard drive, reload Windows and migrate data to the new drive.  For a few dollars more I could have bought a new laptop.

So I decided a third opinion might be in order and checked Craigslist and found Dan Miles who fixes any computer for $50.  He said my laptop might not have a bad hard drive but suggested I pick up a replacement from Best Buy (which I did for $54) and bring it and the laptop to him.  If it needed a hard drive he’d replace it for $50 and if he could do the repair without replacing the hard drive I could return the drive to Best Buy.  For $25 more he’d migrate data from the old to the replacement drive.

Bottom line– He fixed my laptop for only $50 without having to replace the hard drive and migrate data, something neither the Geek Squad nor Compuboost offered as a solution.  I am very satisfied with the repair.

This may be a link worth saving.



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