Romney- Our next President

Romney- Our next Presidnet

Mitt Romney will be our next president.

No heavy baggage, no ex-wives, no far right or far left ideology and no history of bizarre behavior. The worst things being uttered about Mitt concern his religion, that he pays 15% tax and that he’s taken fluctuating positions when governing the liberal State of Massachusetts.

Facts are that a). Mitt is not running for Chief Religious Officer, b). Tax on his investment income was already taxed as ordinary income in the years the money was earned before the 15% capital gains tax was imposed as a second tax on that money and c). While Governor he worked hard to give his liberal constituency what they elected him to do.

Mitt Romney is America’s last and only hope of thwarting the disastrous course of socialism being orchestrated by President Obama. Obama has neither the understanding of, experience with, nor belief in the power of a free market economy.  If given a second term his socialist ideology and governement control over our economy will saddle the US with too much inefficient government infrastructure and accompanying debt load that will leave us permanently uncompetitive in global markets.

In a world of imperfect people Mitt Romney’s track record of successfully managing both government and public enterprises reflects a mastery of business, economics and leadership.

Mitt is a good guy and I believe he has the qualities to take us in the right direction.


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January 31, 2012 · 11:21 pm

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