5/4 The Avengers Marvel’s Captian America, Iron   Man and Thor5-18
5/16 The Dictator Sacha Baron Cohen’s spoof as a dictator
5/18 The Battleship Liam Neeson & Navy fight space alien attack
5/18 Hysteria Romantic sex comedy
5/26 Men in Black III Time travel
6/8 Prometheus Space explorers search cosmos for mankind’s origin.
6/17 Beasts of the Southern Wild Sundance winner- Global warming triggers prehistoric beasts.
6/22 Seeking Friend for End of the World Pre apocalyptic comedy-drama
6/29 G.I. Joe: Retaliation Bruce Willis & Dwyane Johnson defend attack on White   House
7/3 The Amazing Spider-Man Son of Spiderman
7/6 Savages Pot entrepreneurs face Mexican cartel.
7/20 The Dark Knight Rises Batman Christian Bale takes on terrorist and Catwoman.
7/27 Neighborhood Watch Suburban dads discover extra-terrestrial plot to destroy   Earth.
7/27 Killer Joe Matthew McConaughey as sleazy contract killer.
8/3 The Bourne Legacy New characters as CIA operatives.
8/3 Total Recall Colin Farrell takes over Arnold’s role.
8/10 Hope Springs M Streep & TL Jones visit therapist to spice up 30 yr   marriage.
8/17 The Expendables 2 Action geezers Stalone, Willis, Arnold & others in revenge plot.
8/24 Premium Rush NYC bike messenger dodges bad guys after his last delivery.
8/31 Lawless Depression era bootlegging action drama.

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