Mark Irwin Defeats Jerret Jeter

MARK IRWIN vs Jerret Jeter 12-13-2013-5543

Mark Irwin in red trunks vs. Jerret Jeter in black trunks

December 13, 2013, South Coast Martial Arts/Boxing Center, Costa Mesa.

Mark came away as the winner over Jerret Jeter of DG Boxing in Long BeachMark trains at UFC Gym in Aliso Viejo.

These are action packed matches between guys who come into the ring in top physical condition and go at it full speed for three rounds.

The Southern California Association of Boxing pairs the contenders based on experience. It was Mark’s fourth amateur fight and his opponent’s ninth and they appeared evenly matched.  Jerret Jeter was tough inside and was able to land some hard combinations with both hands.  Midway through the first round Jeter threw a quick left that connected solidly to Mark’s jaw knocking him back on his heels.  Mark, however, trains with and trades punches with bigger and more experienced ranked sparing partners and was able to absorb Jeter’s punches in stride.

Mark’s style might be termed “relentless” giving neither fighter time to catch their breath.  It appeared that Mark displayed superior boxing skills, particularly with his combinations.  At times he was able to put his opponent on the defensive where Jeter would cover up while taking body and head shots.  Both boxers displayed talent and aggressiveness but in the end Mark showed a bit more movement and speed allowing him to land more punches.

Mark has studied Muay Thai and currently practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is an instructor teaching individual and group boxing lessons at UFC Gym, Aliso Viejo where he trains.  He is also a college student working toward a degree in kinesiology.

Below are some photos from this boxing match.  Click on the photos below to enlarge images.
MARK BOXING 12-13-2013-5551_01

MARK BOXING 12-13-2013-5597_01

MARK BOXING 12-13-2013-5600_01

MARK BOXING 12-13-2013-5605_01

MARK BOXING 12-13-2013-5613_01

MARK BOXING 12-13-2013-5619_01

MARK BOXING 12-13-2013-5633_01

MARK BOXING 12-13-2013-5634_01

MARK BOXING 12-13-2013-5635_01

MARK BOXING 12-13-2013-5666_01

MARK BOXING 12-13-2013-5693_01

MARK BOXING 12-13-2013-5705_01

MARK BOXING 12-13-2013-5718_01


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