House of Cards

An alternative to thumbing through endless no-name movies on NETFLIX or AMAZON PRIME is finding a great multiyear series to keep your viewing appetite fulfilled.  While different shows appeal to personal interests here are my favorites you might enjoy.

NFL Football

NFL Football is the best game in town but between now and September here are three others to consider:


My absolute all time favorite is THE SOPRANOS.  Perhaps growing up in Northern New Jersey added to the show’s attraction to me because everything about the people, places and dialog was a bigger than life, over the top rendition of what I recall having experienced growing up in the Garden State.  David Chase’s orchestration of script, characters and direction took TV entertainment to the highest level ever.

The show is about the life of a neurotic mob boss and his struggles with family, business, friends and enemies.  But it’s the amazing caricatures that amplify both the drama and the levity the show delivers.   The Sopranos exudes both dark, dramatic, intensity and laugh your ass off black humor hilarity.

With six seasons and 86 shows the Sopranos are sure to keep you TV schedule filled for about a year and a half.  Available free with Amazon Prime.


HOUSE OF CARDS is my most recent find and by episode three I was hooked.  This is an extremely intense political drama with a cast of Machiavellian characters with ruthless ambitions not unlike some of our real life politicians.  The characters, dialog and script are first rate.  The only caveat is that they introduce a lot of characters quickly that initially required I have a list at hand to understand who was doing what to whom.  Three seasons and 39 episodes available free with Netflix.

24 Jack Bauer

For a pure adrenalin rush nothing equals being launched into every new episode of 24.  Each show hurls the viewer into the action with the intensity similar to being catapult launched by California Screamin’ at Disney’s California Adventure.  Jack Bauer, All American Boy with a dark side takes on evil both abroad and within our own government.  Nine seasons and 205 shows are available free with Amazon Prime.

If you have your own must-watch shows please share.


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