Tom Irwin in abandoned factory

Composite photography is using software to extracting parts of an image from one or more photos to be combined with a background from another photo.   The results can be as interesting as your creativity allows.  The image above is a photo of me taken in Laguna Beach combined with an abandoned factory.  Following are a few more examples from my initial attempts at this craft.

The first example below shows the upper body of David shot against a blank wall and placed in what appears to be a rundown abandoned building.  Click on any of the images for a closer look.

Castle Beach Photography Composite Image

The second example is a shot of a tunnel at Oak Mountain Winery in Temecula combined with an image of myself taken in the back yard.

Tom Irwin Black Mountain Winery Tunnel

The final example shows the same studio self portrait placed against two different backgrounds.  The first background is an out of focus shot of Huntington Beach and the second is a tunnel under the train tracks at the Avery Train Station in Laguna Niguel.

Tom Irwin composite image

Tom Irwin – composite image

Tom Irwin - Avery Station Train Tunnel

I have been collecting unique backgrounds for some time and with the new studio lighting setup I’m hoping to develop this technique further.


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